‧ our purpose ‧

to help people in need

‧ our story ‧

how it started

What began with a small Norwegian/Ukrainian family’s flight from Kyiv in the morning hours of February 24th has now grown into a competent organisation with the means and the conviction to help others in need.

NORSEAID is a newly started non-profit organization. Created to do humanitarian work in war and disaster areas. Our focus now is the situation in Ukraine. We provide crisis aid and supplies with the intention to make those we can become self reliant. This includes assisting during the construction work when hostilities are over. In our opinion, the need for help will be enormous for a long time to come.

‧ organization ‧

‧ donations ‧

Without the help from numerous contributors we could not do what we do. If you would like to become one of them we could not ask for more.

The amount is not important but the willingness to help is paramount to our work.

Our accounting is transparent and always available to our donors.

‧ whats next ‧

Get involved

If you are an entrepreneur, accountant, businessowner, homemaker, volunteer, student, banker, nurse or any of those not mentioned and would like to make a difference?